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Team Members

Sharonne Cowpar

After an early stint in the advertising sector Sharonne Cowpar found herself drawn, through her love of design, to the newly growing Web design industry.

In 1999 she and Peter Brandt formed tinCrow.
[h level=”3″ icon=”fa-rocket” fg_color=”#F94B37″]Superpowers:[/h][list color=”grey” icon=”fa-check”]

  • Crazy designer super-person
  • The ability to stay focused on the job on hand even during a nuclear explosion

    [box scheme=”white” border_color=”#e5e5e5″ border_width=”5px” icon=”fa-laptop”]Software skills include:
    Photoshop and InDesign – excellent
    Illustrator and Lightroom – good
    HTML & CSS – maintenance level[/box]