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Personal projects

Medium format film camera

Our latest technological advance is to go back to analogue with a 40 year old film camera weighing several kilograms called the Mamiya RB67, which stands for 6:7 format rotating back, i.e. it can be 6″ x 7″ or 7″ by 6″ without having to rotate the actual brick of…

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Kite Surfing

Brett Mason is a kite surfer I met one day while shooting on the beach – he seemed to be trying to coincide the most gusty winds with the most rampy sections of the wave, in order to get real altitude and hang time. I spoke him and took his…

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Kalk Bay Harbour

Once or twice a year we get perfect conditions for shooting spectacular waves exploding off Kalk Bay harbour wall – generally this would be a strong to gale force south-easterly blowing the swell into the harbour walls, accompanied by a large swell (which normally only comes with the north-westerly). I…

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Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2020

Every year I get locked into my suburb for several hours by the cycle tour, and while it is normally an opportunity to catch up on work without heeding the insistent call of a weekend surf, this year I went walk-about in the immediate surroundings. I had two aims: to…

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A Saturday Shoot with History

I had the privilege recently of doing a shoot of fellow photography enthusiast Ariane Jensen in her home – who, it turns out, has a history as fascinating as it is long. She is in her eighties. Hailing from East Germany, Ariane managed to escape to the West in 1955…

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