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Here are some articles about creative activities from the tinCrow team, ranging from techniques such as the green screen used at ENSafrica to events such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour and natural or sporting events in the area.

Latest Posts

  • Stable Diffusion AI-generated illustrations - 10th Jan 2023

    The one thing we have been doing during the quite period over Christmas and New Year is installing and learning to refine our prompts to generate illustrations and stock-photo-like images using the open source AI image generator, Stable Diffusion. Bit scary to install, huge amounts of VRAM and space gobbled…

  • Sea Dog Paddle series - 9th Jan 2023

    Towards the end of last year fellow FHPS member Keith Lyle and myself got the opportunity to be stand-in photographers at some of the weekly paddle competitions on Fish Hoek beach. This is expected to continue till the end of summer. It’s a fascinating opportunity, because it sometimes happens in…

  • Medium format film camera - 8th Sep 2021

    Our latest technological advance is to go back to analogue with a 40 year old film camera weighing several kilograms called the Mamiya RB67, which stands for 6:7 format rotating back, i.e. it can be 6″ x 7″ or 7″ by 6″ without having to rotate the actual brick of…

  • Kite Surfing - 3rd Nov 2020

    Brett Mason is a kite surfer I met one day while shooting on the beach – he seemed to be trying to coincide the most gusty winds with the most rampy sections of the wave, in order to get real altitude and hang time. I spoke him and took his…

  • Kalk Bay Harbour - 2nd Oct 2020

    Once or twice a year we get perfect conditions for shooting spectacular waves exploding off Kalk Bay harbour wall – generally this would be a strong to gale force south-easterly blowing the swell into the harbour walls, accompanied by a large swell (which normally only comes with the north-westerly). I…

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