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Corporate photoshoots: ENSafrica and Viadex

Over the last few months we have been doing some fascinating corporate shoots for Viadex and ENSafrica – we hope to be able to share the photos once they are approved and in use.


The ENSafrica shoots have been interesting not only because it has involved three trips to Johannesburg so far (besides several Cape Town shoots), but also because they have been green-screen shoots involving several hundred sitters as well as a handful of groups.

Besides the challenge of using two lights to get flat lighting onto the background screens while preventing green spill onto the foreground sitters who were lit by another two spots, there was the additional challenge to the white balance of shooting against totally different colour greens in the different locations, and of using totally unfamiliar lights and radio triggers for the Johannesburg shoots.

Needless to say, the deep-etching is ongoing!

[UPDATED ARTICLE 14 Nov 2018: ENSafrica staff shoots – Johannesburg and Cape Town]


The Viadex shoot was largely set up to get portraits of the staff at their Cape Town offices, but also included some groups and shots of the premises … and then turned into a massive in situ shoot of staff interacting and working, which presented challenges related to background clutter and low light (it had to look ucontrived, so we didn’t want to set up lighting or idealised situations).