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  • ENSafrica green-screen photo shoots – Johannesburg and Cape Town - 14th Nov 2018

    In the last year we have been very busy, photographing ENSafrica staff over two shoots in Cape Town, and four in Johannesburg (several of the shoots lasting several days). The shoots were set up to coincide with executive retreats so that we could also take portraits of visiting staff from…

  • MMA photography project at Mec’s Martial Arts - 4th Jul 2018

    Over the last few weeks I have been visiting the local MMA (mixed martial arts) gym, Mec’s Martial Arts, during sparring sessions in order to develop my technique (photographic, not fighting). In the process I am getting to know some of the people and what makes them tick as fighters,…

  • Corporate photoshoots: ENSafrica and Viadex - 4th Jul 2018

    Over the last few months we have been doing some fascinating corporate shoots for Viadex and ENSafrica – we hope to be able to share the photos once they are approved and in use. Green-screen The ENSafrica shoots have been interesting not only because it has involved three trips to…

  • Billy Liar photoshoot - 22nd May 2018

    I am periodically asked to do a gratis shoot for a production at The Masque theatre, in Muizenberg. In this case I was asked by director Lynn Moss to shoot the cast of Billy Liar, a play based on a book I read well over twenty years ago. The shoot…

  • Storageland photoshoot - 30th Aug 2017

    What a fascinating shoot – the aim here was to show a well-maintained, clean and secure space without inctruding on any customers that may be there, as their privacy is part of the message. The result included some pretty formal shots with a de Chirico-esque barrenness – you almost expect…

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